Promotes a calming effect and positive mood to relieve anxiety, nervousness, and stress. Combination of glycerine macerates, known to promote a relaxing effect and to act positively on the tone of the mood, easing anxiety and nervousness. The remedy is suitable in all those situations in which the psychosomatic component plays an important role.

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The action of this remedy is mainly on the level of hematic serotonin. It is a plant indicated in states of severe stress associated with somatic forms, including cardiac dysfunction and hypertension associated with psychological distress.

The combined action is to balance circulation as a sedative vasodilator on mood state, it makes this macerate an ideal treatment for the states of altered mood with anxiety components.

The maceration of the gems manifest a direct tropism at the cortical diencephalic axis, where it acts on normalizing the function. The specific action of the fig tree, is most beneficial in neurotic states with psychosomatic repercussions especially in the digestive system.

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